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OK, you know you've got better things to do right now, like putting down new shelf paper in those kitchen cabinets, reorganizing your library according to the Dewey Decimal System, or attending to that pesky grease fire on the stove. But just for the heck of it, let's assume you know what you're doing, and have no intention of holding Yours Truly responsible for any losses or injuries sustained while on these cyber-premises. By all means, then, peruse away.

And while you're in the neighborhood, why not print out one of our fine pages as a gift? Each heartwarming post is suitable for framing, or for leaving under the windshield wiper of that special someone. It's the perfect way to say, "I blog you."


2006   august: 31

2005   may: 2

2004   jun: 26   july: 9  17    sept: 11

2003   feb: 1  18    april: 12    may: 7  21    june: 2    aug: 3                     

2002   april: 9 10 15 16     july: 9  14  17  20    aug: 2  19    sept: 7    oct: 14